**Picture Shown With Added Detail, not included in the pattern**

This is a great pattern for beginner knitters. It uses two straight knitting needles and is worked back and forth then seamed together, rather than in the round. Materials:

  • >1 skein worsted or medium weight yarn (I used I Love This Yarn in color Blossomopolis)
  • Straight needles size 5 mm (US 8) 

Gauge: 4x6 stitches per square inch (width x length)

  • Final size: 5" length x 3" width

  1.  Cast on 24 stitches (I used the long tailed cast on) 
  2. Rows 1 - 10 k2 p2 
  3. Row 11 - knit across   
  4. Row 12 - purl across 
  5. Rows 13 - 28 repeat 11&12 
  6. Bind off loosely, Keep a long tail to sew the sides together by folding mitten in half with the inside facing out. 
  7. Seam together down to  the 7th rows.
  8. Continue down only one side (weaving through the stitches) to leave an opening for the thumb, 7 more rows.
  9. Contining seaming both sides together until the end.
  10. Make second mitt the same.

  • Fits for age 4 to 7 years old.